Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Meaning and message of Christmas by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 25.12.13

The Meaning and message of Christmas by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 25.12.13
For 2,000 years people lived in fear.  People relied on astronomy and astrology for messages from the heavens.  After Julius Caesar was assassinated in BC 44 brilliant comet was seen in the sky.  In AD 66 when Nero committed suicide, comets were seen too.  When Jesus was born, even the ancient Chinese philosopher a Kuan Lin recorded seeing a comet in the sign of Leo lasting 63 days.  Modern man called that Hailey’s comet. 
The Meaning of Christmas – in the present time what we hear are bad news.  Today we are hearing bad news everywhere, floods in U.K, killings in Sudan and Syria, snow storms in Toronto and other places.  Yet the good news of Christmas let us live in hope.  Message of Christmas is message of hope.  Our God is the God of hope.  One hope in Christ Jesus!  If you do not have Jesus you do not have life!  Jesus gives us salvation and eternal life.  We need to embrace Christmas for ourselves.  Allow Jesus to come into our lives.
This is not an ordinary message, but a message that came from God direct.  Spiritually we will see what the shepherd saw 2000 years ago. 
Birth of Jesus was a cosmic event:
1.       Heaven celebrates
2.       Earth responded
               6 Things how we are to respond to make Christmas meaningful:
1.       It is Good News – the Gospel is Good News
2.       This message is for everyone
3.       We must be willing to be a Christian
4.       We need to check out the news for ourselves
5.       We must respond and take steps to believe
6.       Willing to be found by God

Monday, 23 December 2013

John Chapter 21 by Gan Tuan Boon dated 22.12.13

The Lord’s Call On Peter’s Life From Fisherman to Shepherd by Gan Tuan Boon dated 22.12.13
Bro Gan’s sermon is based on John Chapter 21.  He began by recounting the Crucifixion and Jesus’ raising from the dead.  After He was raised from the dead He had a transformed body that was able to pass through physical matters.
John 21:1-6
The disciples went out fishing but the whole night they caught nothing.  Jesus said throw your nets on the right side. (at that time they did not know that was Jesus) and to their surprise they caught a net full of fishes.  Bro. Gan shared that the lesson is that we have to listen carefully to our Lord Jesus and follow His commands.
John 21:7
Why was it that John knew the man calling out was Jesus?  When they were in the boat it was dime and about 100 meters away from shore.  Bro. Gan shared probably there were two reasons a) catching those fishes were a miracle, in normal circumstance they caught nothing the whole night b) John was the closest disciple to Jesus and he was very familiar with His voice.
John 21:7-8
When Peter heard it was the Lord on the shore, he wrapped himself with his outer garment before jumping in to the sea to reach shore.  Peter was full of respect for his master and it was not appropriate to appear before Jesus in his undergarment.
John 21:9b
Jesus had a fire on, some fishes and bread.  It was not written how Jesus had those fishes and bread.  However, we knew that from two loaves and two fishes He had fed 5,000 people, so that got to be a miracle. 
John 21:15-17
Jesus asked Peter three times whether he loved Him.  Jesus was reinstating and commissioning Peter.  The first Peter answered in affirmative, Jesus said, “Feed my lambs”, the second, “Take care of my sheep”, and the third He said, “Feed my sheep”.  During the Last Supper Peter vowed he will not deny Jesus but when Jesus was arrested by the Jewish leaders, Peter denied Jesus three times.  Therefore Jesus commanded Peter three times to be the shepherd of His flock.

The lesson to us is just like Peter, what is God’s call on our lives?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

John Chapter 20 Jesus had risen from the Dead! by Ho King Swee dated 15.12.13

The Resurrection of Jesus was recorded by John so that we may believe.  This was also proof that Jesus is the Christ. The Resurrection can be said to be the greatest miracle.

  1. The empty tomb v. 1-9 
  2. Jesus’ appearance V. 10-18 
          a)  To Mary Magdalene V.10-18- this was significant, Magdalene was a woman and 
               she was the first to discover the empty tomb.  She has been behind the scenes 
               serving the Lord in His ministry.

b)  To the disciples V. 19-29

   3. John purpose of writing the Gospel V. 30-31 – so that we may believe Jesus is the

          a) The Empty Tomb – Mary Magdalene did not expect the empty tomb (Mk 16:1-6,
              Luke 24:1-6 ) John 20:8-9 described the other disciples witnessing the empty

Jesus’ appearance to Mary Magdalene who was the first person to see the risen Lord! Mk 16:11, Luke 24:9-11 – the other disciples did not believe when they were told. Mk 16:13 when the 2 disciples at Emmaus told them they also did not believe. John 20:17 Jesus told Magdalene not to hold Him as He has no ascended to His Father yet.  Hebrew 9:24 descried Christ entering heaven to appear before God.
         b) Jesus’ appearance to the disciples V 10-29
·   Jesus entered the house while the door was closed because He was spirit
·   Peace be with you He said
·   Showed them His hands and side as prove
·   Breathed on then to receive the Holy Spirit
·   Commissioned them
·   Gave them authority
            Doubting Thomas – Mk 16:14, John 20:29
           1 Cor 5:6 Jesus appeared to more than 500 people to prove that He has risen from
           the dead.
           1 Cor 15:3 – first importance Christ died for our sins. V.4 He was buried and raise
           from the Dead on the third day.

Why was Christ dead and resurrection of first importance? This is the foundation of the Gospel.

Significance of Christ Resurrection :
1.       1 Cor 15:12-34
2.       Our preaching in vain V.14
3.       Your faith is in vain V.14,17
4.       We are even found to be misrepresenting God V.15
5.       You are still in your sins V.17
6.       Those fallen asleep in Christ have perished V.18
7.       We are all men most to be pitied V.19

Christ first fruit of resurrection 1 Cor 15:20, 23

Never listen to others who do not believe in the death and resurrection ofJesus 
 Mat 28:15. 

John's purpose of writing the Gospel
V.30-31 so that we may believe Jesus is the Christ.

4.    Application

Are we like the disciples doubting that had been said in the Bible especially regarding events not yet fulfilled?

Do you believe every word of God?

Grow to be matured and immovable in your faith in Christ 1 Cor 15:58, John 8:31-32, Eph 4:13-14

Do not neglect to love and do good and pray together Neb 10:24-25

Live to know Christ (life of holiness ) and power of the Resurrection. Phil 3:10, Jn 3:2-3, 2Pet 3:10-14

Jesus had made this appointment with us!

Never let anyone or anything or the Devil (defeated) to deter or stop us from missing this appointment of eternity!

Monday, 9 December 2013

John Chapter 19 Last Hour of Jesus’ Life by Dr.Tiong Tung Hui dated 11.12.13

Dr. Tiong started his sharing by playing a video featuring John chapter 19.
John wrote this letter as eyewitness to the events that unfolded.
John 1:9
“Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.  This is life changing.  Although much of the world do not acknowledged Jesus but after He came He changed the whole world.
John 19:1-18
The suffering of Jesus
As we read, the Romans inflicted terrible suffering on Jesus as they whipped Him until He bled.  The whip had metal tips so that as it hit Jesus the whip tore His flesh.  Yet Jesus did not commit any crime.
Pilate Dilemma
Pilate did not find any wrong with Jesus to justify crucifying Him.  He wanted to release Jesus, but he was also afraid of the Jews.  He was afraid they will start a riot.  Dr. Tiong shared that from source outside the Bible it was said that Pilate’s wife had a dream and she advised Pilate to stay clear of the Jews and not to provoke them.  Basically he wanted to ensure his own status was protected.
Jewish Leaders
To the Jews Jesus claimed to be God and that was blasphemy worthy of death.
The Jews had no authority to crucify Jesus and they needed Pilate’s help to authorised to crucify Jesus.
The Jews also threatened Pilate that if he let Jesus go he was no friend of Caesar.
What we can learn from Pilate?
When we are put into pressure we should do what is right.
Vs 9-11 despite the chaos Jesus was in control.  He told Pilate God had given him the power and it was not from himself.
John 19:17-42
Jesus’ crucifixion
Crucifixion was a terrible and painful way to die.  Despite Jesus’ innocent He was put to death in this terrible manner.
Pilate’s Proclamation
Pilate had no choice he acceded to the pressure of the Jews, and he allowed Jesus to be crucified.
The Four Women
a)       Jesus’ mother
b)       Jesus’ mothers’ sister
c)       Mary
d)       Mary Magdalene
7 Statements of Jesus from the Cross
1.       Forgive them for they do not know what they did.
2.       Assured a prisoner that he will be in paradise with Him.
3.       Got John his disciple to take care of His mother.
4.       My Lord, My Lord why have you forsaken me?
5.       I am thirty
6.       It is finished
7.       Father unto your hands I commit my spirit.
Burial of Jesus
Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus helped to bury Jesus at risk to themselves.
“It is finished” can mean it is fully paid, It is complete, it is fulfilled.
How shall we live?
We all need Jesus Christ.