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Testimony of Donna Qiu Hai Zheng dated 17.8.14

Donna Chiu was a former popular singer of the 80’s from Taiwan.  She got into professional singing by chance.  She used to be active in sport and her dream was to be an Olympian, so she got herself very much involved in athletics. Each time there was a sport celebration, her team mates will ask her to sing.  A sport journalist happed to know the famous Taiwanese singer Liu Wen Zheng, so she was introduced to him.  That was where she started singing professionally.  She was a sport woman, and was not “polished” as an entertainer, so Liu sent her to a modelling school.  On her first day at this school, the trainer thought she was a food delivery woman!  Because she looked dark and though! 
She came from a strict family and her father objected to her singing career.  He never ever attend any of her concerts, in fact when she appeared on TV, her father will take leave and will not watch her show.  One day, her father was afflicted with lung cancer, her family was devastated but they agreed not to let him know that he had 3 to 6 months to live.  Every day, Donna drove him for his radio therapy treatment.  She asked her father why he did not want to watch her TV shows or attend her concerts.  Her father told her, he was afraid she will make mistakes and embarrass herself.  Her father also urged her to get married because she was the only child still single then.  Knowing her dad has not much time to live, she immediately called her boyfriend, ( they had known each other since school days )to proposed.  That took about 30 seconds and the marriage proposal was done!
Finally she and her boyfriend got married, and her father was proud of her and her achievements.  As he held her hands and walked along the wedding hall towards the front she realised each step she took nearer to marriage, she was losing a “step” of her dad. 
Few months later, her dad passed on while she was attending an award night in her honour.  Earlier she had called her family that she will be late going home as she had to attend this award night.  Later she received a call from her husband that her dad has passed away.  She was devastated.  She cried at the venue and outside the street, she could not care that she had her heavy make-up and stage gown on.  From than one she decided to quit the entertainment profession.  She studied and got her Masters in Sport management and taught at the local university.
After she quitted she decided to have a baby.  Her son came and she was enjoying being just a normal wife with a husband and kid.  She had put on weight after delivering her son.  When she went around people criticised her weight and she was angry about that.  She received comment like “See her thigh it is as big as an elephant leg!”.
Her conversion
Around 2009 she and her son went to the US for a holiday.  Father’s Day was around the corner, and she decided to call him to wish him “Happy Father’s Day”.  On Skype her husband asked her whether she knew where he had gone to that day, she answered that she did not know.  Her husband said he had gone to church that day.  Donna almost failed off her chair because she thought that was ridiculous!  His father was the Managing Director of a temple, and his son attended a church?  Unbelievable!  Anywhere, he shared that he was very touched by a son of about 22 years old hugging his father of 70s and both saying that they loved each other.  Knowing Chinese culture, it was not easy for them to express their love for each other openly.  Her husband shared he just wanted that kind of love expressions.  He also promised to bring Donna and their son to this church when they came back to Taiwan.
Two days after they returned to Taiwan, they all went to church on Sunday.  As Donna approached the main door of the church she could see people playing various instruments and singing.  Immediately she was critical of their playing, as the bass was not correct, the drumming was out of beat, and the singing was out of tune etc.  One person welcomed her saying, “Jesus loves you!” and she was irritated by it.  The usher led her to the front row, but she said she wanted to sit at the side because she did not want people to recognize her as the former famous singer.
As the service was in progress, a Mandarin hymn was sung and she began to weep.  She did not understand why she wept, but as she listened to the hymn and weeping she could feel her burdens on the shoulders lifting and became lighter and lighter.  She continued to weep through-out the service.  The pastor saw her weeping and he asked whether she was ready to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour, than she looked at her husband who nodded his head meaning yes. She turned to the pastor and said “yes”.  The Pastor led her whole family through the sinners’ prayer.  The following month her whole family was baptised.  That was in 2010.
They began to serve in the church music ministry since she had professional experiences in singing.  After a while, the person in charged asked her to be in charge of music and worship.  She reluctantly accepted.  Later she discovered she was using her own talent and efforts and not turning to God in the ministry.  She took a two months sabbatical to search and pray.
Her pastors suggested that she use her singing talent to sing Gospel songs and that she should consider recording an album of Gospel songs.  On second thought she was thinking to herself, “This means I have to be on stage and people will see that I am so fat !” .  She told the pastor she will pray about this.  In her morning devotion and prayers, she prayed and bargained with God, “If you help me to lose 20 KG s I will cut a Gospel album and perform” but there was no answer from God.  She prayed, how about losing 10 KG s? Still no answer, how about 5 KG s, still no answer!  One day she was praying, and God told her that “No matter how you look, I love you”, God said “ Do you love you son unconditionally?.  She said “Yes”.  God said “I love you the way you are”.  That struck her and she started recording her first Gospel album.  Her pastor suggested that she should become a Gospel singing evangelist, and without hesitation she took up this challenge knowing it was God’s call on her life.  Beside she was not getting any younger and she wanted to maximize her time here for the Lord.  Since becoming a singing evangelist, she has ministered in Taiwan, USA, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia. 
This time around, she came with her 15 years old son Philip.  Both Donna and Philip presented a few worship songs in FBC on Sunday.
Praise God that when Donna made an altar call in Church on Sunday, six people came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, Hallelujah, all Gory to God!
Note:    You can watch Donna’s testimony in Mandarin on You tube at this link:
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