Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Test of Love by Rev. Dr. King Long She dated 23rd June 2013

Brief Information of Rev. Dr. King Long She
Rev. She graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a PHD.  His specialty is on the Book of Hebrews.  He has done extensive research on this Book during his studies and he has written books on subjects in the Book of Hebrew.  Currently he is a lecturer at Melbourne Theological School, Melbourne, Australia.

The congregation started to read Genesis 22:1-19.  Brothers read the even number verses, and Sisters read the odd number verses.
Everyone will be given the “test of love”.  What is this test of love?  Rev. She advised that if we do not remember his sermon, we must remember this statement: 

“God will give every believer the test of love to confirm that you love Him”.  This question is very important to all believers.  Love is a verb and it occurred in the Old Testament more than 200 times.  In Genesis love was mentioned for the very first time in the Bible.  Love is related to the Great commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”. Matthew 22:37.

7 Components of the Test of Love
1.       Tester – In the story of Job, you will find that he loved God very much and he worshiped Him everyday.  God blessed Job with riches that he was known as one of the richest men in the Old Testament.  Satan said certainly Job loved God because God had blessed him very much.  Satan asked God to take everything away from him.  God agreed but Satan must not take his life. So Job’s children died, his crops and livestock all wiped out.  He suffered sickness and boils all over his body, and yet he still love God.  He prevailed the test by Satan.  Once God gives a test there are two results, failure or success.  God is perfect, and if He wants you to be 100% you have too obey.
2.       Time – In Genesis 22 why was God testing Abraham at that time? God gave Abraham and Sarah a blessing of a son Isaac even though they were very old.  They knew Isaac was from God because old people were not supposed to be able to reproduce.  Yet, God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his only son.  Love always requires sacrifice.  God always give you the best.  If you are not sure wait.  The timing is in God’s control. 
3.       Target – God’s test always has a target.  God does not want to test a non believer.  Therefore, we the believers will receive tests from God from time to time.
4.       Tasks – What is the tasks?  Or What are the requirements? The task for Abraham was in Genesis 22:2 God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son whom he loves.  This verse is a command.  But how can love ne a command?   In Deuteronomy 6:5 it was written as a commandment so that we can understand it.  In Philippians 4 God commanded us to rejoice.  Are we rejoicing in the Lord?  Obeying and loving God are on the different sides of one coin.
5.       Trials – Every test is a trial.  Nobody like tests.  Rev. She related how his students always asked him about the exams before they sign up courses for the following semester.  The test of love trial is unique to each person.  In Hebrew 11:19 the author stated that Abraham expected Isaac to be resurrected even if he sacrificed him to God.  By faith Abraham carried out his duties as instructed by God, he was not depressed by the fact that he was instructed by God to sacrifice his beloved son.
6.       Turnout- tests have turnouts, the time to pronounce the decisions.  In Genesis 22:11 indicated Abraham excitedly answering God.  God was also excited, He said, “Now I know that you fear God….”  What is the meaning?  God knows everything.  Rev. She advised that God had factual knowledge, and in the case of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son, God has experiential knowledge.  This was also the reason why Jesus had to become a human to experience what a human went through in the physical live.
7.       Telesis- meaning the fruits.  Why does God want me to go through these troubles?  Two angels speaking at different times.  Gen 22:13 – the ram caught in the thicket was a present blessing to meet present needs.  Gen 22:15-17- The second angel spoke and told Abraham of the eternal oath, the blessing that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and sand on the seashore.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

John Chapter 6 by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 16th June 2013

Dr. Thomas Chung advised that John Chapter 6 is the longest chapter in the Book of John with 70 verses.  Jesus began His sermon from verse 41 to 70.

3 Sections to this Chapter :
      1.       Vs 1- 14 – feeding of the multitudes ( Also in Gospel of Matthew and Mark )
      2.       Vs 16-24 – The disciples battled the storm at the Sea of Galilee ( Also in Gospel of Matthew and Mark)
      3.       Vs 25-70 – Jesus’ sermon on “Jesus the bread of life”.

In this chapter we noted that i) there was misunderstanding among the people ii) there were disputes and iii) it ended with many of His disciples leaving Him and never coming back.

The feeding of the multitudes and the disciples battling the storm attracted the crowds.  Why was this so ?   Why did the people “chasing” after Jesus?  Because the people were attracted by the distribution of free bread and fish.  These foods drew the crowds.  Vs 24 the crows got into the boats to pursue Jesus.

The foods are not the ends themselves.  We look for foods that endured, the eternal life.  Foods from heaven that is Words of God is more important.  Jesus spoke about spiritual foods and not physical foods.

We can contrast this with the disciples leaving Him later.  It seem like people were fickle minded.  At one time they pursued Him and at another they abandoned Him.  Jesus asked the 12 disciples whether they also wanted to leave.  But they were smart and decided to stay.
5 Things that give us better understanding in this chapter :
      1.       Eating His fresh and drinking His blood symbolically.  That is taking Him into us. John 1:12
      2.       You abide in me I abide in you – when we abide in Him He is in us
      3.       Evidence of Jesus taken into my life, flowing of living water.  Only after the flowing in of Jesus into our lives can we out flow the likeness of Christ.
      4.       The act of Holy Communion – receiving the body and blood of Jesus as symbolized by the bread     and wine. In the Holy Communion, it is the movement from physical to spiritual aspects of Jesus into us.
      5.       Many of the disciples pursuing Jesus were offended by His messages.  Do not be offended by physical aspects of life but instead look at spiritual things.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

John Chapter 5 by Gan Tuan Boon on 9th June 2013

Evidence Proving Jesus is the Son of God- (John 5)
At the time of John Chapter 5, the Roman Empire extended throughout the mediterraneum sea. They were very powerful, and their engineering skills were second to none. They built aqueducts to bring water to drier part of their cities, walls to keep away intruders, sewage systems to carry away garbage from the cities, roads to various cities etc. Such was the power and wealth of the Roman Empire.
Healing at the Pool 
Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate a festival. He came to Bethesda a pool near the Sheep Gate where multitudes of invalids surrounded hoping to be healed when purported the angels visited with stirring of the water in the pool. A paralytic had been there for 38 years and he wanted Jesus to heal him. But it was the Sabbath and according to Jewish laws, not work can be done. Jesus asked him to stand up, pick up his mat and walk. The Jewish rulers were unhappy that Jesus had broken their laws by “working” on the Sabbath. Jesus said He was doing His Father’s work. The Jewish rulers wanted to Kill Jesus.
Evidences of Jesus the Son of God 
1. 1st evidence, Jesus healed a paralytic man instantaneously A paralytic man was lying near a healing spa hoping to get into the pool (V1-5) Jesus singled out this man and gave him 3 instructions to receive healing (V6-8) The paralytic man obeyed and was healed but did not know who Jesus was (V9-13) Jesus met up with the healed man and gave further instructions (V14-15) 
 No man has supernatural healing power except God, therefore Jesus must be God 
 2. 2nd Evidence, Jesus testify of His equality with God Jesus claims exclusive relationship with God implying He is equal to God (V16-20)
 (a) Jesus is always working just like HIS FATHER is always working including Sabbath Day (V17)
 (b) Jesus can see whatever HIS FATHER is doing – Omniscience (V19a) 
(c) Jesus can do whatever HIS FATHER is doing – Omnipotence (V19b)
 Jesus claims exclusive relationship with God implying he is equal to God (V16-20)
 Jesus claims to be giver of physical life and eternal life (V21, 24-25)
 Jesus claims to Jesus will judge the world handing down rewards and punishment (V22-23,27-30) have life within Himself just like God (V26)
 (a) Good News – resurrected to live with God (29a)
 (b) Bad News – resurrected to be condemned (29b) 
Only the Son of God can lay claim on the attributes and activities belonging to God  3rd Evidence, Four other independent testimonies 
Works and ministry of Jesus indicate He is God (V36) 
Voice from Heaven confirms Jesus is the Son of God (V37)
 (a) When Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist 
(b) When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain before Peter, James and John Scripture foretells the coming of Jesus and His life (V38-40) 
Reasons Jewish leaders reject Jesus as the Son of God (V41-47)
 (i) No love for God 
(ii)Unbelief in the Word of God 
All evidences point to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God
Summary of Application 
  • 1st Evidence: Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man Instantaneously 
  • 2nd Evidence : Jesus Testifies of His Equality with God 
  • 3rd Evidence : Five Other Independent testimonies (John the Baptist, Works of Jesus, Voice from Heaven, Scriptures, Moses) 
Apostle John has proven beyond the shadow of doubt that Jesus is the Son of God.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Samaritan Woman at the well – John Chapter 4 by Song Ting Kee dated 2nd June 2013

Introduction – Bro. Prem’s Testimony
Before Bro. Song shared his message he invited his guest Bro.Prem the National Director of Prison Ministry Malaysia to share his testimony of his recent adventure to Sarawak. Bro. Prem is based in Kota Kinabalu and he took this long public holiday to drive from Kota Kinabalu to visit all his ministry workers in Sarawak. He started driving his four wheels drive together with his wife from Kota Kinabalu with stops in various towns. He is a careful person as far as his car is concerned, so he checked to make sure his four wheels drive was in tip top condition before leaving. As he approached Balai Ringgin, he felt a little spin in his head and before he realized it, his four wheel had skipped and overturned once and landed on the side of the car. He was still strapped onto his seat belt and so was his wife. He was shocked but found himself alright and he asked his wife how was she. She replied that she was alright. Bro Prem had to climb out of his smashed car from the side widow. Broken glasses were everywhere. Other than some scratches on his arm he was fine. His wife was unhurt. Bro. Prem realized that his car was a total wreckage but he and his wife were fine. He knew it was a miracle. God had spared him and his wife’s lives. Bro.Prem gave glory and praises to God for this miracle.
Background of the Jews in Old Testament times
Married men in those times had higher status than married women. In fact, married women were not allowed to do a lot of things unlike nowadays. They were forbidden to talk to men including their husbands and male relatives outside of their homes. The men were also forbidden to talk to women outside their homes. If a married man found that his wife was a “little friendly” with a man, he had the right to divorce her. This was the scenario of the Jewish families of those times.
The Samaritan Woman
 The Samaritans originated from the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. They were the remnants of Israel. They were despised by the Jews and look down upon. Such was the scenario in the Old Testament time. Just image Jesus talking to a Samaritan. Even worse case, he spoke to a Samaritan woman who had five husbands. Despite the negatives aspects of the Samaritans, Jesus did not despise them. In fact, Jesus spoke to a low member of their people, a divorced woman who had five husbands. God is gracious and He can speak to anyone. In John 3:16 God gave His one and only Son to us, in John 3:17 God said He does not condemn anyone.
Jesus the Living Water
Jesus said He is the living water. If you do not believe in God, you are condemned. Jesus did not condemned the Samaritan woman despite her many sins, Jesus accepted her.

The Samaritan woman was given a new heart, Bro. Song likened it to a heart transplant. Indeed, it was just that because she had a change of heart after she knew and accepted Jesus as the Messiah. Why was this so? Once she knew who Jesus was she left her precious jars and headed immediately into town to inform the villagers that she has found the Messiah that they had been looking for. Bro. Song reckoned that she must be singing “I am forever grateful” while heading into town. The Samaritan woman was changed because she accepted Jesus as her Savior. She had faith in God. She was totally changed.

 The Questions for us to ponder
1. Is God pleased with you?
2. Have you received the Living Water?
3. Has your heart been transplanted?
4. Has God given you a new heart?
 Bro. Song testified that after he was converted he was different, he used to sing this song, “Things are different now”. We should encouraged one another like sharing of testimonies which some of our members did this Sunday.

Praise God and All Glory to God!