Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Majesty of God by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 25.8.13

Majesty of God by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 25.8.13
Majesty of God is also known as the glory of God.  His glory will fill the earth as it is written in the Scripture.
This sermon is based on Isaiah 6:1-9.
1.        Essence of divinity
God is God!  In the New Testament the disciples of Jesus lived with Him for three years and yet they did not know Him.
In Isaiah 6:1-9. Dr. Chung related the story of Uzzah who was struck dead when he wanted to reach out to stabilize the Ark. ( 2 Sam 6:6 ). To our natural minds we do not understand why God struck for such a noble act.  However, Dr. Chung shared that the lesson in this story is the need for us to do God’s works God’s way and not man’s ways. 
God had touched the lips of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel similar to that of V. 7.  This chapter also spoke of the coming of the Messiah.  There is a suggestion of the Trinity in this passage.  In V.1 God the Father was sitting on the throne.  God was in the temple, a place of worship which is a suggestion of the presence of His Son.
2.        Heavenly community
The description of the seraphim talked about one of the communities in heaven.  Seraph was the symbol of how people were to approach God.   Seraph is a type of angel.  E.g Angle Gabriel was called Angle of the presence, because he was present when ever God is.  Each seraph has 6 wings, 2 cover their faces, 2 cover their feet, 2 for flying.
2 wings cover their faces, these symbolized worship.  2 wings covering their feet symbolized humility or modesty and 2 wings meant for flying and these symbolized services.  There it is 1.  Worship 2.  Humility 3.  ready to be of service to Him.
V.3 “Holy, Holy, Holy” three times, and these symbolized the Trinity, Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit.
      3.    Prophetic response
V.5 “unclean lips”, “seen the King” were referring to the people’s conviction of their sins.  There is a difference between conviction and condemnation.  In conviction God said there is a way out of sins, whereas Satan condemned us and tell us lies about sins.  God wants the prophets to bring prophetic words to the people.
V.6 “coal touching lips” means guilt taken away and sins forgiven.  This speaks of the Holy Spirit coming.
V.8 “And who will go for us” the “us” here is a suggestion of the Trinity. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hall Mark of a True Shepherd by Gan Tuan Boon dated 18.8.13

Hall Mark of a True Shepherd by Gan Tuan Boon dated 18.8.13
This sermon is based on John chapter 10.  Bro. Gan started by sharing the differences between fool’s gold and true gold. He shared about a story of a British Martin Frobisher in the 19th Century who brought “gold” ore from Canada to England and sold them for great profits.  Later buyers discovered them as fool’s gold commonly called iron pyrite.
Therefore we must discern between the true and false shepherd.
1.        A true shepherd knows His sheep and leads them by His voice ( V.1-6)
Jesus comes according to God’s timing ( V 1-3a ), John the Baptist testified about Him John 3:32-34.
Jesus called His own people out of Judaism ( V 3b-4a )
God’s people recognized Jesus’ voice resulting in close relationship ( V4b )
God’s people can discern a stranger’s voice and will ran away from the stranger ( V 5-6 )
Lesson: Is to spend time with Jesus by reading the Word and praying to know His voice.
2.        The true shepherd protects His sheep and provide for them ( V 7-13 )
 Jesus is the only gateway to salvation and the others are false ( V 7-8 )
Under the Lordship of Jesus and His protection we have the freedom to live our lives ( V 9 )
We can make a decent living and may prosper in many aspects of life ( V 9b-10 )
False shepherd and bad hireling take care of themselves ( V 11-13 )
Lesson: Submit to the Lordship of Jesus and discover our freedom and abundance.
3.        The true shepherd sacrifices for the sheep and give them eternal security ( V 14-42 )
Jesus gives His life for the Jews and gentiles so that they may be one people ( V 14-21 )
Jesus knows who are His sheep and who believe in Him ( V 22-27 )
Jesus gives His people eternal security and they will not lose their salvation ( V 29-30 )
Jesus is able to provide eternal security because He is God Himself ( V 31-39 )
Lesson: God call us to be His people but we must hold on to Him to enjoy eternal privilege
4.        Summary and Application
These are the Hallmark of the true shepherd of our Lord Jesus Christ :
1st characteristic : The true shepherd knows His sheep and lead them by His voice
2nd Characteristic: The true shepherd protects His sheep and provide for His sheep
3rd characteristic : The true shepherd sacrifices for His sheep and gives them eternal security

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How To Be A Man or Woman of Divine Destiny by Bernard Chan dated 11.8.13

How To Be A Man or Woman of Divine Destiny
The Lord ask, “Do you really love me?”  Our Lord love for us is unconditional, but our love for Him is usually conditional.  We give excuses when He asked us to do things like example Bible studies, going to church on Sunday etc. we do not do when it rains or we do not have transport.  We give excuses not to go.  We soft peddled our Father.
 How to be a man or woman of divine destiny?
God has plans for everyone.  However, we usually work hard every day for the whole week and we devote just a little time for Him during the weekend.  Is this worship unto God?  We are like the Pharisees doing work to impress others, we do things for outward appearance.  Surveys showed that in most church around the world 10 % of church members do the church work, and 90% of members do not do anything at all. 
God has plan and purposes for everyone Psalm 33.  God is looking for someone to do the job.  Like in 2 Chron 6:9 God said David was not the one to build the temple but his son Solomon.
Do you want to leave a legacy to this world?  God has plan he called Abraham to leave his home for a new land.  God instructed Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  In modern times God also called people like William Carey, Hudson Taylor, and Billy Graham. 
How did God chose His people?  In 1 Samuel 16:7  God said He does not look at the appearance of people but He looks at the heart. 
  Characteristics of the people God choose:
1.       Act 13:32 God is looking for people who are after God’s own heart like David.  He demonstrated trust in God.  1 Samuel 17 – David has faith in God.
2.       David walked in integrity. Psalm 101.  He lived a blameless life.
3.       A devotional heart, David loved to worship God.  Psalm 27:4, Psalm 100:4
4.       Delight to do God’s will.  This was one of the characters of David.
5.       Quick to repent. 2 Samuel 12.  The story of David who had an affair with Uriah’s wife and plotted to kill Uriah so that he could have his wife.  Jonathan rebuked David for his sins of murder, and David immediately repented.
6.       A big heart for God.  David had a big heart for God, he wanted to build a temple in honour of God.
   What difficulties are we facing?
a)      World systems of values – lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life and others.  But God bless us, Proverb 10:22
b)      Satan – he is always working to block us from God.  John 10:10 the thief comes to steal and kill
c)       Flesh at work, old nature works against the Spirit.
   How do you become a man of God?
1.       Live in absolute faith in God.  Hebrew 11.
2.       Delight in God’s Word, live by it.
3.       Cultivate a heart of worship.
4.       Repent of your sins.
5.       Walk in integrity before God.
6.       Give God the best not mediocre.
7.       Fulfilling God’s call in my life time. Acts 13:36, Deut 10:12

Saturday, 10 August 2013

John Chapter 9: Eyes Opened By Jesus, Eyes Blinded By Jesus dated 4.8.2013

John’s eyewitness account of an incident of someone coming to faith because he starts thinking about the evidence while some rejecting Jesus Christ because they stopped thinking about the evidence.

Personal, experiential testimony, though very important, is not the Gospel. Our witness is to a living Christ today & our experience. The witness of the disciples was to the Word made flesh.

Secrets of the Kingdom

John’s Gospel reveals the secrets in teachings about the kingdom that is being ushered in – new birth, water of life, the Divine Son, the Bread of Life, the Life-Giving Spirit, the Light of the World and the Good Shepherd – the discourses or that is being ushered in.

Jesus turning water into wine was the first sign of John’s Gospel – a new creation was on the verge of coming in, the generous gifts of God would soon flow, the abundance and joy of the new kingdom. Entry into this kingdom requires a new birth certificate and even sinners like the Samaritan woman could also get in. What God wants in his kingdom – true worship in contrast to the existing temple worship.

God’s Rescuer

The theme of John 8:12 where Jesus made the claim: “I am the light of the world”, refers to the fulfillment of God’s promises hundreds of years ago to send a Rescuer to bring God’s people from darkness and being cut off as a result of rebellion against God, to light, to know God and live with God. (Isaiah 61:1,2; Deuteronomy 29:2-6)

Light of the World

The theme of John 8 now comes and focuses on one man, the light shines on one man. Not only does the light shine, but his eyes are going to be opened.

1. The Claim and Demonstration that Jesus is God’s Rescuer (9:1 - 8)

Work of God

Disciples’ popular theology assumed suffering comes from things we do wrong. Jesus is very clear in v3: suffering is not caused by our own wrong doing. So why is he blind?

That God's glory might be seen. He's actually here in the providence of God so that at this moment as Jesus passes by and work this great miracle, all men might see what is the distinctive work of God that Jesus has been sent into the world to do. And what is that work of God? To open people's eyes to the truth - that is the heart of apostolic ministry (Acts 26:16-18).

Light for Life

Jesus, the Light of the World claims to give light for life (John 1:4; 8:12). He’s the one who understands about life. If you follow Jesus, you will understand about life. If you don't follow Jesus, you'll never understand what life is about. Jesus is able to enlighten you for life.

Spiritual Blindness

To think of life as if it is only now is to completely the wrong way to think of life. But for Jesus, there is healing. May not be now, but there will be in the ultimate. Here, a person with congenital blindness is healed simply by the Word of Jesus.

It's really a secondary picture of spiritual blindness. What are the marks of spiritual blindness?

 Firstly, there is a carelessness about God. The mark of spiritual blindness is I don't worry about God and I don't want him to worry me.

With regard to the Bible, I never read it. These are the marks of the spiritually blind.

With regard to prayer, I don't engage in it unless there is a crisis.

There's an uncontrollable pride in the spiritually blind. Pride which pushes God aside and expresses itself in self sufficiency and often tells Christians they are weak and feeble if they have to trust and obey God.

The spiritually blind are careless about life after this one and the judgment of God is given very little thought.

The spiritually blind generally are unhappy about God’s people and do not want to be with them.

Jesus takes the complete initiative in opening these blind eyes and it is exactly the same in the spirit world. God took the initiative by doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Only God can help. He has taken the initiative. Jesus coming into the world, died on the cross and rose again from the dead so that I can be forgiven, and he sends his Holy Spirit to change us and empower us to live new lives.

This miracle is evidence that backs up Jesus' claim to be the Light of the world


Faith and Evidence

The blind man's understanding of Jesus changes gradually from Jesus being just a man, to being a prophet, to being from God and finally coming to faith in Jesus and worships him. (v12, 17, 35, 38)

Far from switching off his mind, he comes to believe as he rationally, logically dwells on the evidence. This is faith, not faith despite, but faith because of the evidence.

Evidence Denied

It's frightening to realize that it doesn't matter how many times the evidence is stated before the authorities, they are determined not to believe. They are basically disinterested in the evidence.

Sometime later, a man is raised from the dead and the same authorities try to kill him to get rid of the evidence. The evidence does not change their minds.

Needing Help

Blind people cannot open their own eyes and need a miracle to see who Jesus is. Jesus enables the blind man to believe. We need help to see straight. We need to pray for help.



Others get sight from Jesus, others blinded by him. Jesus is saying those who get blinded are those who say they see, they think they have perfect spiritual sight, they think they know what's what with God - that really sums up the Pharisees.

We think we can see. If we do, if we think we can see on our own by ourselves, Jesus says we are in danger of becoming blind, which means confirming, deepening our blindness.

It's very dangerous to close our eyes to Jesus Christ.

Jesus claims that he is the watershed and the divide. It is in our attitude to him that either makes you blind or gives you sight. It is the way I respond to Jesus as to whether my guilt is forgiven or my guilt remains.


There is an extraordinary account, without precedent, of a chronically sick man, without the capacity to see (v1), washing in a pool and coming back seeing. There can't possibly be a greater miracle?


The greater miracle in this chapter is how a man who is quite ignorant of Jesus came actually to worship Him (v35-37).  Jesus’ own disciples hardly in a position to confess Jesus as God; the church not yet formed, yet this man has become a worshiper.


3 great truths to understand carefully:

1. Man's case is hopeless

It is very important to realize that Man is blind from birth (v1). They see Gospel as foolish because they are blind, not because the Gospel is not there (1 Cor2:14). Bear this mind or else we will be disillusioned and discouraged as we try to share the Gospel. The Bible makes it very clear we are all incapable of living together and incapable of living with God without the grace of Christ. Therefore, need to cry out to and depend on God to have mercy on them.

2. Our only hope lies in the free and sovereign grace of God

Our hope does not lie in men. If you put your trust in them, and their ways of describing and explaining the Gospel, we shall fail. Our hope is in God alone. John 9 doesn't even mention the faith of the blind man. It is entirely God in mercy, moving into a situation where a man is incapable of seeing or believing and giving him sight. Man is incapable of believing or obeying God. What we should call upon men to do, as in this account, is obey the Lord when they hear his voice. Belief without that obedience will lead to nothing.

3. Conversion brings Radical Change

The change brought about by conversion is very radical.

This man comes to have unshakable convictions – was blind, but now I see (v25).