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Genesis Chapter 9 by Dr.Tiong Tung Hui dated 17.3.13

All Scriptures are God’s breathe 2 Tim 3:16.  Let’s look at God’s Words.  Gen 1:1 – 2:3 In the Beginning God created the world.  There are two world views:
         a)      World created by chance
         b)      World created by design
If you examine everything it is difficult to think that things come about by chance.  We are here by divine design.  When we look at life we will come to the conclusion that we are created by God.

Genesis chapter 4
The story of Abel and Cain depicted the greed and godlessness of man.

Genesis chapter 5
The story of Adam to Noah. 

Genesis chapter 6
The corruption of humankind and judgment and the flood.   Man sinned and God was so angry that He sent a great flood to destroy all flesh.

Genesis chapter 9
God’s covenant with Noah.  There was mutual understanding.  This was instituted by God, a contract between man and God.  The covenant also reflected the character of God.   

Why covenant ?
The promise of the covenant:

Blessings upon Noah and his family
-          Fruitfulness
-          Provision
-          Promise (that there will never be another flood like this)

The different kinds of covenants a) Davidic b) Abramic c) Mosaic d) Noahic

What is special about Noahic covenant?
  1. Unconditional, everlasting
  2. Promise is to Noah, his descendants and every living creature 
  3. Sign of the rainbow

Curse of Canaan Genesis 9:18-22
This told the story of Noah’s nakedness and how Japheth and Shem covered their father by walking backward and Noah cursed Canaan his grandson.  Jude 9-13 spoke about checking our hearts.  Noah cursed Canaan son of Ham but he blessed Japheth and Shem.  The reason for cursing Canaan was not revealed in the Bible but it must be something terrible that made Noah so angry.  It was an anti climax because it was a miracle for Noah to escape the floods, and yet this terrible thing happened to his family.

What do we learn?
Watch over our own walk, our life styles.  Sin has consequences.  We are made in God’s image.  Give to God what belongs to God.

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