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The Temptation of Jesus by Dr. Thomas Chung dated 25.1.15

The main text of Dr. Chung sermon is Matthew 4:1-11, but he also referred to similar text in Gospel of Mark and Luke.
Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.  No human can experience this trial.  In itself this is considered a miracle.  The others who experienced this were Moses and Elijah.  In transfiguration of Jesus three of them appeared together.
V4. Word of God, the rhema word of God.
V6. Satan quoted Psalm 91
V7. Satan used the word of God to tempt Jesus.
V10. Jesus addressed the devil by his name – Satan.
“Temptation”, the word in Greek is not much referring to a prostitute plying her trade.  The word meant to be tested. 

Why was Jesus tested?  
Because as the Son of God He is the perfect one and He learnt to obey God. He was also without sin.  He suffered and was made perfect and became a source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.
Heb 4:15 – there was hint of why Jesus needed to be tested.
Jesus was baptised by John because He wanted to fulfill all righteousness.  His baptism was also a blue print for all Christians regardless of how one is baptised.  From the water baptism Jesus received the Holy Spirit ( signified by the dove ).
How did the Holy Spirit worked in Jesus?
How does the Holy Spirit work in us?
In Matthew 4:1 – Jesus was led by the Spirit, in Mark 1:12 Jesus was driven out, Luke 4:1-2 Jesus was led, willing to be led.
1.       Matthew 4:1 – The Greek word had the picture of the Holy Spirit carrying Jesus.
2.       Mark 1:12 – “drove” as like using of force.  Similar word used in John 2:15 when Jesus drove out traders from the Temple.
3.       Luke 4:1-2 – Jesus “led by”, He was willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, no need to use force.

The Temptations
After the 40 days and 40 nights fasting Jesus was very hungry.  After this came these temptations.  We can say that He was vulnerable.  There was no food and no rest.  Jesus was hauled with all temptations.
1.        Satan questioned our place in God. He quoted the Bible in v.5
2.       He questioned our position in God
3.       Prove that God will live for us by showing signs and wonders.
Satan is hungry for worship of man. He even asked God to worship him.  He wanted Jesus to bow before him.
1.       Turning stone to bread – Satan specialized in a) bringing down those spiritually high and may be over confident.  B) those spiritually low.
2.       Forcing God to show signs and wonders.  Satan quoted Psalm 9.  1 Cor 10:9 said we should not put God to the test.  Jesus was saying “I am God”, if you put me to the test you are putting God to the test.  When we put God’s word in context these are "rhema" word of God.
3.       Worship is the central to temptation.  Satan was willing to give up everything if Jesus was willing to bow to him.  Satan also hungry for our worship.  He wanted God to worship him.  Jesus replied “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only”.
Luke 4:6 – Satan willing to give all authority to Jesus if He was willing to worship him.
Luke 4:13 – Satan never let us go.  When there is opportunity he will tempt us.
James 1:2-4 – count it all joy to be tested.  Testing of our faith developed perseverance.

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